MRI Training

We currently run three MRI courses;

Introduction to MRI: A 2 day course, which has been developed from thevery successful courses run by Alliance Medical

MRI – The Inside Story, from Picture to Proton and beyond.... A 3 day course  based on the book, MRI from Picture to Proton and will include two of the authors lecturing on the courses.

Introduction to Cardiac MRI. A 2 day course run in collaboration with Lecicester University Hospitals and sponsored by Siemens

See below for further details on each course

Introduction to Cardiac MRI

19-20 March 2021 Online

Sponsored by Althea and Siemens

A twoday course, in collaboration with Glenfield Hospital, Leicester with sponsoship. Specifically designed for all staff who perform cardiac MRI examinations or are planning to do so.   It will provide the underpinning knowledge to help you carry out the practical imaging and build your confidence to produce high quality diagnostic examinations.

It is ideal for radiographers new to cardiac MRI and those who wish to understand more about cardiac anatomy, scanning tips, techniques and protocols.

Glenfield Hospital, Leicester has provided excellent cardiac MRI services for over two decades, the clinical experts will share their experiences, alongside other invited speakers who are specialists in this field.

Flyer for Introduction to Cardiac MRI online course 2021
MRI Intro Cardiac 2021.pdf
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Agenda for Introduction to Cardiac MRI, March 2021
MR Cardiac Online Agenda March 2021 Fina[...]
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Venue and Accommodation

Venue address and accommodation information
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Introduction to MRI

1-2 March 2021  Online

15-16 November 2021  Online

This is a two day, basic entry level course designed for staff with a little MRI knowledge or experience or for those who wish to have a refresher on MR equipment, the core knowledge and clinical applications.

Introduction to MRI 2021 course information
An outline of the course, with costs and venue details to download
Course Flyer MRI Intro21.pdf
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Introduction to MRI 2021 Online Agenda
The March course will be delivered online
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MRI The Inside Story, from Picture to Proton and beyond....

Next courses:

Basic Level                    10-12th May 2021 - 3 days.                Online

Receive the textbook as part of the course notes

Intermediate Level         13-15 September 2021 - 3 days        Online

Receive the textbook as part of the course notes

MRI The Inside Story 2021 Course Flyer - Basic and Intermediate level
Summary of both courses, the costs and venue information
Spring course will be delivered online
Course Flyer Inside Story 2021.pdf
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MRI The Inside Story 2021 - Basic level Agenda
This course will be delivered online
P2P May21 Draft.pdf
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MRI – The Inside Story, from Picture to Proton and beyond -  Autumn 2020

This is a three day event at an intermediate level for staff who are experienced in MRI.

We have taken into consideration the delegate feedback, the hospital staffing limitations and funding allowances for training   The course is designed to meet the staff needs by providing the necessary underpinning knowledge, confidence and motivation to support you in your everyday clinical environments.

Dr Donald McRobbie and Martin Graves, co Author of MRI from Picture to Proton will deliver the physocs and technical elements of the course.

*      Delegates attend for three days to enable you to get the most out of the content and whole course experience.

*     A reduction of a day will help with the difficulties of staff getting time off from the department

*     Reduction in cost of attending the whole course.

*     All delegates will receive the latest edition of MRI from Picture to Proton book

*     The mornings will concentrate on the physics and technical elements 

*     The afternoons will cover clinical applications of MRI 

*     An advanced MRI day is likely to be scheduled at a later date

MRI Safety Course - See the MRI Safety training page for details

A two day course dedicated to MRI Safety. It allows for more time to answer your safety questions and bring you the latest on MR safety, including contrast media and the latest on MR safety guidance and legislation.

Ideal for all staff who work in the MR environment.