Denise Newsom has been working in Cross Sectional Imaging for over twenty years in the NHS and private sector. After leaving Alliance Medical in August 2011, is now offering consultancy and training to the Diagnostic Imaging industry. Initially, the aim is to continue with the MRI and CT educational courses which are well known and respected. In the future Denise would also like to offer support for new MRI departments, provide practical training and develop bespoke courses and MRI/CT practical training programmes and assessments.


For the last five years, Denise worked for Alliance Medical, the largest independent provider of Diagnostic imaging. Her two roles were the Radiology Support Manager and National Education and Development Manager.


Denise qualified as a Radiographer in 1987, from Leicester Schools of Radiography and started her first role at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester. In 1991, Denise moved to The Walton Neuro Centre, Liverpool and began her career in CT and MRI. A couple of years later, she moved to Walsgrave Hosital, Coventry, specialising on MRI. Whilst at Coventry, Denise continued her education in MRI and joined the first Master's MRI course at Lancaster University where she passed all her modules at Masters level but ran out of time to complete the dissertation as she was too busy setting up two MRI Departments and then starting a family!


Firstly, Denise set up the MRI service for Northamptonshire and Kettering at the NGH where she first met Donald McRobbie who performed the acceptance testing of the new 1T Philip's scanner, the first in the UK. Denise then returned to her first department, in Leicester. She left in 1991, as a radiographer and returned as the Cross Sectional Imaging Superintendent. Here, she successfully set up a Cardiac MRI service and established an MRI research site, working in collaboration with the University Department of Leicester.


Over the years, Denise has worked on many different Manufacturers systems and has practical experience in most of the clinical specialties in CT and MRI.


Her aim is now to set up independently and with her practical experience and educational knowledge, to continue to deliver training and consultancy to the NHS and Private Imaging Departments.